Considering Electrocutaneous Treatment for Your Pain?

Have you been thinking about getting electrocutaneous treatment for pain in your body? If so, then you should know there are many benefits of getting this type of treatment. It can help relieve pain that is new, along with pain that may have sidelined your life for an extended period of time. Your body can begin the healing process right away, giving you quality of life back. Finding the right place to turn for electrocutaneous treatment is important. They need to understand where your pain comes from in order to help it go away.

What Exactly Is Electrocutaneous Treatment?

Electrocutaneous treatment is a form of treatment on the skin to help your body properly interpret pain signals. It involves electrical stimulation on different parts of your body. The intention is to stimulate the nerves to send signals that your mind and nervous system can translate. Sometimes, the body registers pain when there isn’t any. This is often called neuropathy. It tells your body that something hurts, when in fact, it may not be pain that your body experiences. Instead, it could be nerve problems that lead to a tingling, burning, itching, or similar feeling.

When the body gets sent these signals, it sometimes processes them as pain. By using electrocutaneous treatment, you can often get it to interpret the signals better. This lets your central nervous system work with your mind and realize that what your body is feeling is in fact, not pain. It can begin to register the feelings of burning, itching, or tingling instead. The stimulation goes near where the pain is felt by the patient. However, the stimulation does not go on the location that hurts directly. Instead, it is put on a healthier part of the body so that the signals are clear.

What Types of Electrocutaneous Treatment is Out There as Options?

Many people refer to this type of treatment as electrocutaneous treatment, but it also goes by many other names. You may find options for treatment under names like temporal stimulation, electrocutaneous stimulation, and vibratory stimulation. They are all basically the same type of therapy. They all use electrical pulses, or vibrations, to stimulate the body cutaneously, or by means of the skin. However, the effect they get differs based on the technology used.

Scrambler Therapy is a Promising Form of Electrocutaneous Treatment

One of the most promising forms of electrocutaneous treatment is called Scrambler Therapy. It is a specific type of therapy that is working well for patients with many types of neuropathy. Researchers originally started using Scrambler Therapy to help peoplestruggling with chemotherapy induced neuropathy. They noticed many people got significant levels of relief from this process. Since that initial research, it now helps with many types of neuropathy, not just that caused by chemo. It also helps neuropathy stemming from things like diabetes and injury.

Scrambler Therapy helps to train the brain. When you have signals traveling through the body along the same paths where pain signals travel, your brain automatically takes the messages and processes them as pain. However, they are not always pain messages. What Scrambler Therapy has the ability to do is retrain the brain to recognize those signals properly. Instead of reading each signal as pain, it begins to decode each message slowly and carefully. The brain begins to recognize signals for tingling, numbness, and other similar signals. This way, your brain begins to remember what actual pain is, and what other sensations are.

Benefits of Getting Electrocutaneous Treatment

When you go through and get electrocutaneous treatment, your body can begin feeling better. Instead of your brain always telling you that you are in pain, you have the opportunity to feel more normal. Pain can cause your life to become much more difficult. By having less pain to battle each day, life becomes easier. When people lose quality of life to pain, depression often follows quickly. By alleviating pain from your day, it allows you to feel more hopeful and happier.

When you take life back, it helps you feel empowered. It helps you to realize that pain does not need to dictate your life. Make the choice of what you want to do with your future instead of letting pain choose. Something as simple as getting electrocutaneous treatment can give you the ability to do things your pain once took away. Reach out and find out what benefits you may get from this therapy, based on your specific conditions.

When it comes time to getting past pain, one of the best options you have is electrocutaneous treatment. Contact us here at the Pain Care Clinic of Idaho and let us help. You can reach us by calling (208) 629-2492. Let us see if electrocutaneous treatment would be the best way of relieving your pain and giving you back your life.

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