5 Common Chronic Pain Triggers and How to Avoid Them

There are many different pain triggers out there that can leave you struggling with chronic pain. Some of them are totally unavoidable, such as having to have a part of your body amputated. However, some pain triggers are easier to avoid. It is important that you understand what can trigger your pain. The more you know about these triggers, the more you can do to avoid them. Here are five of the most common pain triggers, and some of the best way to avoid them leaving you in chronic pain.

First, You Must Understand What Pain Triggers Are

Pain triggers are simply events in your life that trigger your body to experience pain. Some of the pain is miserable because you feel it, while other pain is miserable because your body registers that it is there. It isn’t that you don’t feel the pain, because you do. It is more that the pain is a problem with the nerves in these particular cases. Your body needs to relearn what the signals are coming from that area, and understand how to decode them properly. This is called neuropathic pain. There are many things that can trigger this type of pain.

Drinking Too Much Alcohol Can Trigger Pain

When you drink alcohol, it can directly affect your nerves. The more you drink, the more damage gets done. The nerve damage that comes from drinking excessive amounts of alcohol is typically permanent. The best way to avoid any type of pain triggers that stem from alcohol, is to avoid drinking any type of alcohol in the first place. Even drinking now and again can damage your nerves. However, the occasional drink would be far less likely to hurt you than consistent drinking would.

Diabetes That is Not Managed Properly is a Common Pain Trigger

When diabetes is not managed the way it should be, it can cause extensive damage. This can include leading to neuropathic pain. You may notice that you struggle with occasional numbness, or you may even struggle with tingling and burning sensations. The best way to avoid this type of pain is to make sure to consistently manage your diabetes. Check your blood sugar regularly, and make sure to keep your insulin levels within the right ranges. This can keep your pain minimized, and keep your diabetes from causing additional damage to your body.

Compressed Nerves Are Common Pain Triggers

One of the more common pain triggers that people do not always recognize includes compressed nerves. This can cause not only chronic pain, but it can also cause tingling and impair movement. The affected nerves can leave you struggling with pain, or they can even make it to where you feel burning each time the nerve tries to send out a signal. The best way to avoid pain triggers that stem from compressed nerves is to get checked as soon as you notice any type of nerve pain. Your medical health care provider will likely suggest getting a chiropractic adjustment. That can help realign the nerves properly so they are no longer compressed together. That can stop your pain, and help improve your ability to move.

Immune Problems Can Trigger Pain

Disorders of the immune system, including things like HIV and even things like food allergies, can trigger widespread pain in the body. The body responds to the signals coming from different parts of the body by triggering an immune response. Your body believes there is a problem, so it sets up its defenses to keep you safe. Even if you do not have a legitimate problem that deserves an immune response, your body believes you are under attack. Your body then sends out the cells to attack the invader, which may result in you hurting. The pain can range from soreness to much more severe, chronic pain. The best way to avoid this type of pain is to figure out what things cause your immune system to respond. If you suffer from food allergies, make sure to steer clear of the foods that cause the response.

Chemotherapy Often Triggers Pain

Chemotherapy does a lot to harm your immune system, but it does so for a good purpose. What the goal is, is to kill off your current immune system, and retrain it to fight off the cancer cells. However, there is no way, at this time, to trigger only specific cells, so it hurts them all. This often leaves you facing a lot of pain, and can be difficult to treat by means of painkillers. The best way to avoid these pain triggers is to talk to your doctors. They often have alternatives that can treat some of the pain, such as the Scrambler Therapy.

Getting Help to Manage Your Pain Triggers

When your pain triggers take over your life, you need to get help. There are many options out there to provide you with relief. Pain does not need to tell you what parts of your life you get to live and what parts of your life you should miss out on. Take your life back, and stop letting pain dictate your life.

When you need help keeping your chronic pain under control, give us a call here at Pain Care Clinic of Idaho. You can reach our caring staff by calling (208) 629-2492 anytime. Let us help you avoid your pain triggers and get your quality of life back!

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