Common Myths About Scrambler Therapy

Many people misconstrue Scrambler Therapy for something else, but most of the myths about Scrambler Therapy are just that, a myth. It takes getting to know the technology to understand fully what it is and what it is capable of. If you have been hearing about Scrambler Therapy and want to know more about it, the best suggestion we have is to give us a call her at the Pain Care Clinic of Idaho, as we can give you a detailed description of what it is and how it works. Until then, here are a few of the most common myths about Scrambler Therapy.

A Lot of Myths About Scrambler Therapy Revolve Around What It Is

One of the most common myths about Scrambler Therapy is that it is simply a new version of TENS therapy. This is not the case. They are different types of therapy altogether. Each of these therapies work with the signals of the brain to some degree, but that is where the similarities end. First, TENS therapy sends electrical impulses to the area in the hopes of relaxing and healing it. Scrambler Therapy, on the other hand, works near the pain. The hope is not to relax it, but instead, to help the brain learn that there is no actual pain coming from that area. With Scrambler Therapy, the goal is to train the brain on the right signals, not to minimize or relax away pain.

Another of the more common myths about Scrambler Therapy is that it is still experimental. Many people believe that this therapy is new and that it has not yet had thorough testing. This is totally false. Scrambler Therapy is a safe, effective, and widely used therapy, in many places around the world. It has full authorization through all necessary channels to be a therapy used outside of the realm of experimental therapy. Plus, so far, research has shown that it is also a very effective way of managing pain signals coming from many parts of the body.

Some people also believe that Scrambler Therapy reads the pain you are in, and sends new signals back to the peripheral nerves. This is untrue. The unit itself is meant to stimulate parts of the body that relay pain signals up to the brain. This is to help teach the brain to recognize other signals, not just pain signals. That helps the nerves and brain connect and send the right signals, instead of the wrong ones.

Some Myths About Scrambler Therapy Has to Do with Medications

Another set of myths about Scrambler Therapy have to do with medications. Some believe that you must take prescription drugs while having Scrambler therapy, while others believe that drugs cannot be taken along with Scrambler Therapy. Both of these are incorrect. You do not need to take medication for pain while having Scrambler Therapy. However, if you do need to take pills, such as anticonvulsants, this is alright, so long as your medical care provider follows the preset protocols.

Another of the common myths about Scrambler Therapy is that it came about to replace pain medications. Again, this is false. Scrambler Therapy started as a way to help a specific niche of patients who had pain that otherwise could not be helped. This pain is either neuropathic or oncologic. Both of these sets of patients are often left to struggle with their pain on their own. For differing reasons, most medications and other forms of pain management do not work well, if at all. Helping this small population of patients was the original goal, and these patients have shown great promise in the benefits that Scrambler Therapy offers.

Other Myths About Scrambler Therapy

One of the myths about Scrambler Therapy is downright dangerous to believe. It is that this therapy is known to regrow nerves. This is dangerous because people may put a lot of false hope into this therapy that simply is not possible. Scrambler Therapy can do a ton to help many different types of pain. However, it is not a regenerative therapy. It is meant to help people feel better, which it does. It is also meant to help people get their quality of life back. Thankfully, it is showing a lot of promise here as well. If what you want is relief from pain, then this is a great solution for you to consider. However, if you expect regrowth of damaged nerves, then this is not going to give you that outcome.

If you want to find out more about Scrambler Therapy, contact us here at the Pain Care Clinic of Idaho. We have experienced and trained professionals on staff who can help you see the benefits that come with the therapy. You can call us at (208) 629-2492 today. Let us help you sort out the truth from the myths about Scrambler Therapy.

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