Getting Scrambler Therapy for Peripheral Neuropathy Can Ease Your Pain

There are some amazing benefits that come along with getting scrambler therapy for peripheral neuropathy. It can significantly reduce your current levels of pain, and even help you not return to that type of pain again in the future. It is showing a lot of benefits in helping people with all types of pain. Instead of suffering through pain needlessly, there is help out there. You simply need to know where to turn to get the relief you need.

Why Get Scrambler Therapy for Peripheral Neuropathy?

When you struggle with peripheral neuropathy, the pain can easily overwhelm you. It can make it to where you struggle to keep up with daily activities. Even getting out of bed can become a problem. By opting to get scrambler therapy for peripheral neuropathy, you can take your life back. What scrambler therapy for peripheral neuropathy does is teach your brain to recognize signals from that part of the body that do not include only pain. This helps your brain recognize other sensations, and stops it from feeling pain where there is none.

Scrambler therapy for peripheral neuropathy entails you getting two electrodes placed near where you have pain. The electrodes used are the same ones used for ECGs. They are placed in an area that is by your pain, but never on the area that is in pain directly. Then, the scrambler machine is turned on, sending vibrations and gentle electric pulses through the area. Your brain then begins to process the new sensations and signals being sent because those new signals come along the same channels as the pain signals normally travel. As the new signals come through, they get processed and recognized by the brain. This teaches the brain to look for other signals and ignore the pain signals coming from that area.

Who Should Consider Scrambler Therapy for Peripheral Neuropathy?

Anyone with any type of peripheral neuropathy could benefit from scrambler therapy. There are a lot of ailments that could bring about peripheral neuropathy pain. It is common for people who have undergone chemotherapy, people who struggle with diabetes, and even those who wound up with pain following an accident or injury. It is showing results that are difficult to duplicate with other forms of treatment. While it may not be the first type of therapy your doctor may try for you, it could very well be the last type of treatment you need.

Benefits People Are Seeing Following Scrambler Therapy for Peripheral Neuropathy

There are quite a few people who have undergone scrambler therapy for peripheral neuropathy. It is showing a lot of improvement in pain. In most of the studies, people are seeing relief in up to ten sessions of scrambler therapy for peripheral neuropathy. Following the sessions, the pain is staying away for weeks and months at a time. Some people have not yet had any return of pain nearly a year after the sessions ended.

More than 80% of the people who completed these studies would recommend it to others going through pain. It brought about so much relief, people were more than willing to consider going through it again should their pain return, too. More than 90% of people who received scrambler therapy for peripheral neuropathy in their backs. Over 50% of people felt less tingling and numbness that lasted at least three months long. The people who went through to get scrambler therapy for peripheral neuropathy from a trained professional felt better relief that lasted longer than those who did not go to a trained professional.

We Can Help You Get Scrambler Therapy for Peripheral Neuropathy

When you struggle with daily pain, life can get incredibly difficult. By opting for scrambler therapy for peripheral neuropathy, you opt to get your life back. Many people have seen and felt the benefits of getting scrambler therapy for peripheral neuropathy for themselves. They know that their pain relief is real, and staying that way.

Pain should not dictate what things you can do during the course of a day. It should be your choice. Getting relief for your pain is now your choice. There are professionals out there with the experience and training to provide relief for your pain. Find out more about what benefits you could see from scrambler therapy for peripheral neuropathy. You may be looking at the best opportunity to get relief that you have ever found. Reach out today to find out more.

Your pain does not need to control your life. Reach out to us here at the Pain Care Clinic of Idaho. Call us at (208) 629-2492 to schedule an evaluation. Then we can see if scrambler therapy for peripheral neuropathy is the right treatment to help your pain.

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