Dr. Loprinzi of the Mayo Clinic Studies the Benefits of Scrambler Therapy

Dr. Loprinzi, currently of the Mayo Clinic, is one researcher that has done extensive research on the benefits of Scrambler Therapy. This is a therapy that helps people with specific types of pain find relief. Back in 2010, Dr. Loprinzi started experimenting with the benefits of trying the Scrambler Therapy. Since then, he has become one of the largest proponents of its use. Find out more about the benefits of the Scrambler Therapy so you know if it is something you may want to consider yourself.

What Does the Scrambler Therapy Entail?

When a patient gets the Scrambler Therapy, he or she is getting an electrocutaneous treatment that helps the body learn to understand pain signals better. With many ailments, the body receives signals of pain that simply are not there. Other times, the body will have pain, but the receptors become so sensitive, the pain is excruciating even when it would otherwise be manageable. What the Scrambler Therapy does, is teach the body how to appropriately interpret pain signals.

For the therapy, a set of electrodes are put near where you hurt. They are never set on top of the area that is in pain. Then, the electronic signals vibrate the nerves in the areas by the pain. This helps the body recognize that there is no pain, and helps the brain relearn how to interpret the signals sent from that area of the body. Dr. Loprinzi, a Regis Professor at the Mayo Clinic, has done extensive research on the Scrambler Therapy, and found that this type of treatment provides significant and widespread relief in many patients.

What Types of Conditions Can the Scrambler Therapy Help With?

The Scrambler Therapy is a great option to help with many types of pain. First, it helps with the type of pain that often accompanies terminal cancer. When the cancer becomes advanced, it is often resistant to drugs. This makes the pain overwhelming in many instances. A lot of people in this situation have experienced significant relief from having this therapy done. They go from feeling defeated to feeling as though they can enjoy what time they have left.

You can also get relief for chronic pain from illnesses such as diabetes and arthritis. This pain wears you down day by day because you never get a break from it. By getting the Scrambler Therapy done, the results have shown that you get a greater quality of life afterwards. It can give you the ability to get up and get active when your ailment would otherwise have stopped that progress. People who struggle with neck pain, back pain, phantom pains, and even failed surgeries get relief from this type of therapy.

Who Can Most Benefit from the Scrambler Therapy?

According to the findings of Dr. Loprinzi, among others who have researched and studied this type of therapy, nearly anyone can find relief from pain with it. A lot depends on what type of pain you struggle with. There are different options out there for different types of pain. If you have exhausted all other options, you may want to find out more about this type of therapy.

During the research done at the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Loprinzi found that at least 8 out of 10 people found significant relief from this therapy. Plus, when they were questioned about their pain weeks, and even months, after the therapy. Very few people were not totally amazed at the results they found with the therapy. Out of the entire study, only one person said they would not recommend having it done to a friend or family member.

Where Can You Find Out More About the Scrambler Therapy?

Right now, there are not many places in the United States that have the full ability to provide the Scrambler Therapy to their patients, but that number is growing. However, if you live near the Pain Care Clinic of Idaho, you are in luck. We do have the experience to perform the therapy, as well as all of the necessary equipment. Our trained professionals know how to use the machines properly, and how to bring relief to your life. You do not have to keep living a life of pain. Instead, you have the option of living a life of quality. Bring back the days where you were able to do what you wanted instead of your pain dictating what you could and could not do.

When you are ready to stop living a life full of pain, contact us here at the Pain Care Clinic of Idaho. You can contact us at (208) 629-2492. Let us help teach you about the benefits of the Scrambler Therapy and see if it could bring relief to your life.

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