Scrambler Therapy Conducted at Johns Hopkins University

Dr. Thomas Smith, currently at Johns Hopkins University, is conducting research on the effectiveness of Scrambler Therapy. This is a unit that helps block signals being sent out from the brain, saying that a part of the body is in pain. What this unit does is it replaces those signals with ones telling the brain and the nerves that there is no pain. It is a commonly used tool for those with peripheral neuropathy. When Dr. Smith heard about how effective Scrambler Therapy was proving to be, he wanted to try it out on patients struggling with neuropathy following chemotherapy.

What Does Scrambler Therapy Do?

Many people say that Scrambler Therapy is much like TENS therapy. There are leads placed on the body, which send signals to the brain. However, the therapies are much different. TENS therapy uses electrodes to send signals to the brain to relieve pain through touch. The gentle pulses of electricity mimic personal touch, which helps to suppress pain. Scrambler Therapy is very different. It uses leads placed near the pain on the body, never directly on the pain, to send different signals. Instead of telling the brain that the pain should begin to subside from touch, it tells the brain there is no pain. It helps train the brain to realize those parts of the body are not in actual pain. That way, the brain stops sending pain sensations down the nervous system to those nerves, and you get relief.

Who Were the People Dr. Smith Wanted to Test Scrambler Therapy On?

Dr. Smith worked with many different patients when trying out Scrambler Therapy. However, his goal was to see if he could provide relief to those struggling with pain following bouts of chemotherapy. He helped many patients get started with this therapy, and also had other doctors check out his results. Not only were the results positive that people were experiencing relief, but also they were able to mimic the results. They were not one-sided, and other people could duplicate the study and get similar results.

Most of the people who underwent Scrambler Therapy noted that their pain went down significantly after ten sessions with this therapy. When interviewed weekly following their ten days of Scrambler Therapy, their pain was still gone 10 weeks later. This showed incredible promise, not only for the doctors who could offer relief, but also for the patients who needed the help.

How Long Does One Need to Get Scrambler Therapy to See Results?

The number of sessions you need to feel relief is different for every patient. However, the typical number of sessions ranged from 2 to 10. Most people did not notice much of a change after the first session. By the time their second one came, they noticed a bit of relief for a few hours. As each subsequent session came about, they found greater levels of relief. Once a patient got to where they left the session with nearly no pain, and were able to stay that way overnight, the sessions were stopped.

Dr. Smith had his research staff keep up with the patients weekly following their final session. There was only one person who said that they would not recommend Scrambler Therapy to others. Over 80% of the rest of the people studied were happy with their results. The pain did not come back after the sessions stopped. Plus, for most, this meant long-term relief. The different types of pain that went with the tests for Scrambler Therapy included arm and leg pain, back pain, and pain, numbness, and tingling in the hands or feet.

Should You Consider Getting Scrambler Therapy?

Scrambler Therapy is not going to be for everyone. However, more than 80% of people who used it, would recommend it to others. Most of the people who try it get results and relief from chronic pain. If your life is not what it used to be because of pain, what have you got to lose? There are no consistent side effects by using Scrambler Therapy. Some people get minor bruising beneath the leads, but that is really all that researchers found. People are seeing relief in a matter of days, and it is lasting for months on end. Consider what you would do to get relief from pain in the next few days that would last months. Reach out to us today. We can help give you your life back.

If you want to see what options you have for your chronic pain, visit us at the Pain Care Clinic of Idaho. You can contact us by calling (208) 629-2492. Let us help you decide which method of treatment would be best for you, and talk to you about the benefits we have seen with those opting to try Scrambler Therapy.

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