Non-Invasive Pain Treatment: Diode Rings and Diode Chain Therapy

The Japanese traditional medicine style known as Kiiko Matsumoto (KM) is based on an interpretation of classic Chinese acupuncture. Through abdominal palpation, the use of reflex zones, shallow needling, and a unique set of tools (including diode rings and diode chains), KM provides a holistic approach to addressing chronic pain and other health issues.

Diode rings and diode chain therapies are noninvasive methods to reduce pain, inflammation and swelling, and accelerate healing. Diode rings and chains work with the ion flow of the body to produce a healing micro-current to reduce pain and promote healing. By strategically placing a diode ring or a series of diodes (which can be wrapped, say around a limb), treatment can direct the body’s own energetic current toward healing.

Diode Rings

A diode is an electrical component that conducts electricity in just one direction. According to ancient Chinese medicine, energy flows through the human body on pathways called meridians. The heart of acupuncture is to promote healing by restoring proper energy flow along those meridians. Diodes are used to manipulate and direct the flow of energy, just as they direct the flow of electricity.

“The use of the diode is like a “gate” that allows electrical energy (that exist in the body) to move in one direction and in a particular level. The use of these tools helps to move the stagnated energy (cause of the pain) from one area to another and balance the stagnated energy of the injured site,” according to the Integrated Medicine Institute.

Diode rings, diodes mounted on a copper ring are particularly effective at relieving inflammation, pulling out the energies causing inflammation as well as bruises, and bone and ligament issues.

Diode Chains

Diode chains can be rings that have been soldered together or individual diodes soldered on a chain, interspersed to optimize energy flow in the area of the body surrounded by the chain. Chains are specifically used on joints (where they can surround or wrap the joint), such as wrists, ankles, and knees where the target, inflamed area is too large for one or two rings.

Many people notice that wearing diodes helps reduce stress, fatigue, eyestrain, and other effects associated with prolonged stressors like sitting for periods, working on a computer, or typing. People also report reduced jet leg and reduced fatigue when traveling. Diode treatment has been found to assist in a number of health issues, such as promoting proper organ function and metabolic processes, reducing inflammation, and improving mobility.

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