Denise’ RSD problems began after a 2012 left ankle injury that was first immobilized in a boot and then operated on. Her symptoms began to be apparent almost immediately after surgery. She was initially treated with medication and epidural blocks. When these were not effective in 2013 she was treated with a spinal stimulator that had to be replaced once and never was effective. In 2014 she tried ketamine coma therapy which worked for a month but then also became ineffective. She initially contacted our clinic in the fall of 2015 and what he had to offer was explained. She was also receiving gabapentin and had to be weaned from this medication. Beginning March of this year Denise underwent Scrambler Therapy® Technology. She received a total of 12 treatments and became completely pain free. As of this writing she is not had return for any booster treatments and remains pain-free.


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