Patient Experiences are important to us at Pain Care Clinic of Idaho, P.C. We listen to our patients because each symptom experienced is an important clue leading to the successful treatment of their condition.

The following experiences are compiled from actual patients. All of which have benefited from Scrambler Therapy® Technology treatment, Medical Acupuncture, trigger points, cold laser therapy, or IMS.

Karla is a 54-year-old female. Five years prior to coming to our clinic she had a severe fracture of her left ankle within an operative reduction and internal fixation repair. Within months she began to experience the burning tingling and numbness typical of RSD. Several months after it had begun in the left foot she began to experience similar symptoms in the right foot. The symptoms expended and extended all the way up to the thighs. Following a neck injury that resulted in bulging and herniated discs she developed similar tingling burning and numbness in the hands extending up to the elbows and shoulders on both sides. This was interpreted to be a spread of the RSD and the upper extremity.

To treat this problem, she has undergone extensive physical therapy and a year and a half ago, a treatment called ketamine coma therapy. She has been on high doses of anticonvulsants including gabapentin and narcotics in an attempt to treat her pain. Her pain was quite variable and moved around in her various extremities. It was always present and often an 8 to 10 in intensity. None of the treatments nor any of the pain medications had significantly helped her. Karla first contacted our clinic in the summer of 2015. After a trial of Scrambler Therapy®Technology she was encouraged that it could be helpful in reducing and eliminating her pain. She began a process of weaning herself from gabapentin. When this was done she initiated scrambler therapy in September 2015 and after approximately 10 treatments she became pain free. With scrambler therapy 50% of the patients will require some subsequent treatment to bring their pain back to zero. She did well until breaking her left first toe around Christmas which began the RSD process in earnest again. A second full series in January 2016 was initiated to bring her back to zero pain.


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