Patient Experiences are important to us at Pain Care Clinic of Idaho, P.C. We listen to our patients because each symptom experienced is an important clue leading to the successful treatment of their condition.

The following experiences are compiled from actual patients. All of which have benefited from Scrambler Therapy® Technology treatment, Medical Acupuncture, trigger points, cold laser therapy, or IMS.

In March 2016 Harland was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia and began treatment with chemotherapy that lasted until October 2016. He developed chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy with burning and numbness in his hands and feet. After a number of months this did not go away and remained in the 1st through 3rd digits of both hands and feet. The burning pain and tingling in his feet extended into the arches and heels. The pain in his hand included burning and allodynia at the fingertips and clusters of sharp shooting pains into all the fingers and especially the thumbs. At that time he was taking gabapentin and oxycodone for his pain which was continuing to break through despite these medications. In addition, he had a rollover accident in 2010 that left him with neck pain and persistent numbness and tingling in the same fingers.

The pain was enough to disturb his sleep and preoccupy him during the day. After weaning himself from the gabapentin he began Scrambler Therapy in March of 2017 and after 6 treatments his numbness was 75% improved and there was no longer any sharp shooting pain, burning pain, or tingling in his hands or feet. As an additional benefit his neck pain that had persisted since the rollover accident in 2010 was gone and the numbness that had been in his hands and was treated along with his CIP pain. Harlan elected to suspend therapy at that point despite there being some slight tingling in the 2nd and 3rd finger tips and numbness in the same areas of his hands and feet. Because the numbness was still changing it could still be pursued with the hope of eliminating this along with the residual tingling.

He returned to treatment in May of this year to eradicate as far as possible the remaining symptoms. After 5 more treatments there is no burning, tingling, or shooting pain in his hands or feet and his numbness is almost completely gone.


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