Other Ancillary Therapies

Idaho Pain Clinic Doctor Talking To PatientThe Pain Care Clinic of Idaho will find ways to provide a complete solution to your problem. We provide many Ancillary Therapies that we utilize to help our patients treat their pain. We can use these treatments in combination with other therapies to maximize the results and give you a longer lasting pain relief.* See what options we provide below. If you have questions, feel free to call us and we will respond as quickly as possible.


LASER THERAPY: This is a noninvasive therapy used as an adjunctive treatment to acupuncture and as a standalone therapy for calming inflammation, reducing pain, enhancing muscle relaxation, and facilitating healing.*

INJECTIONS: These would include trigger point injections, nerve blocks, plexus blocks, and others using primarily local anesthetics and occasionally low dose steroids.*

IMS: This is a minimally invasive therapy used to treat problems associated with radiculopathy and musculoskeletal pain. It involves the insertion of acupuncture needles into a specific part of the body where muscles have shortened and contracted.*

PENS: Peripheral Electrical Nerve Stimulation (PENS) is minimally invasive therapy used in the treatment of musculoskeletal problems. It uses a low voltage electrical current to relax muscles, reeducate the central nervous system, treat damaged tissues or peripheral nerves, and reduce pain.*

DETOXIFICATION: This is a process used to reduce the side effects after chemotherapy or radiotherapy and ongoing side effects of various drugs. During the treatment process it is critical in mitigating and eliminating the physical side effects of addiction for the patient.*

MICROSYSTEMS THERAPIES: These are minimally invasive and used as primary treatments and as adjuncts to acupuncture. They are especially useful in the treatment of acute pain and detoxification. They include German, French, and Chinese approaches to auricular acupuncture, Korean hand treatments, and Chinese and Japanese scalp therapies.*

SCAR TREATMENTS: These are various approaches to the release of pain. The treatments involve the use of different techniques, products, or equipment to calm the inflammation and realign underlying tissue planes in unattractive and uncomfortable scars. Visit us and we’ll show you how it’s done.*

DIODE RINGS AND DIODE CHAIN THERAPY: This is a noninvasive method to reduce pain, inflammation, edema, and accelerate healing. Diode rings and diode chains work with the ion flow of the body to produce a healing micro-current that reduces pain and promotes faster healing.*

YOGA AND MEDITATION: These are adjunctive treatments for all of the problems associated with chronic pain, addiction, and chronic disease. They relax and integrate the mind and body. Instruction in meditation is available in our clinic.*

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