Patients were excited to try the new InterX Therapy now being offered at the Pain Management Clinic of Idaho in Eagle, Idaho. It is an entirely different approach to pain management. No Narcotics…No Invasive Procedures…No Nerve Shattering Surgeries. Caring for you as our patient is our number one goal.

InterX Therapy promotes natural healing through a process of neurostimulation. Patients have told us that they had pain relief after the first session however depending on the injury or condition the patient may need a few treatments to achieve a “no pain” status. Patients have told us they feel invigorated after the treatments.

The Scenar/InterX 5002 provides rapid and long lasting recovery from acute and chronic pain. The treatments are comfortable and the sessions are between 30 and 45 minutes. One of our patients came from work during their lunch break!

InterX Therapy uses a hand held electrical device which scans the skin and targets the treatment points. The patient feels tingling electrical impulses that stimulate the skin at the site of pain. This process is interactive with the patient because with feedback from the patient the physician can identify the new treatment locations.” This is very important especially when patients wait to come in because by then they usually hurt everywhere and optimal treatment points can be difficult to identify,” said Dr. Boese.

Once the specific site of pain is located by the InterX device it will apply the treatment and the body will then respond to that treatment. During the treatment any changes in the body to the stimulus will cause the InterX to apply a new treatment in response. InterX Therapy is interactive with the patient with bio-feedback from the body during the treatment.

Interx Therapy is safe for adults and children. It is an excellent alternative to addicting, medications, more surgeries or other drastic pain management strategies. Some of the conditions treated are muscle spasms caused from earlier injuries or sports activities, chronic pain from disc problems, scoliosis, kyphosis, sciatica and neuralgias.

Our patients know we are dedicated in helping them find relief from the vicious cycle of pain. InterX Therapy is one more way among other types of treatment therapies that we provide for those in acute or chronic pain